Does anyone know the model of this Epi bag?

  1. http://*****

    Does ANYONE out there know the model of this bag? LOL. It's Epi Rouge something something! It looks alot like petite noe but it's much narrower than petite noe itself!
    It's a discontinued model!! :O

    Help me pleaseee. Haha. Dying to know this model! :heart::yes::confused1::sweatdrop::hysteric:
  2. Is that the Petite Rondonee?
  3. I'm not very sure of myself! I know it's no longer in shops (according to my friend).
  4. SAC D'EPAULE, I don't know how long its been discontinued though. Try searching here or on eBay.
  5. I think it's SAC D'EPAULE. Hope that helps:smile:
  6. Oh yes it is.. THanks very much! It's actually my bag but I just couldn't remember the name. I know it's Sac something, but haha.. I sound like such loser now.
  7. Thank you very much! Yes it is this bag. Haha...