Does anyone know the full lineup of pieces in the Damier Azur Collection?

  1. I would like to pre-order a piece but I'd like to know what they will have first (I was thinking of buying a damier speedy, but if the damier azur speedy is the only bag I like from the line, then I'll wait). Thanks!
  2. do a quick search for damier azur and photos and price list should come up in a few of them.
  3. :flowers:
  4. Thanks for the info, Irene. :love:
  5. Is this always the case? How come the Speedy 30 is cheaper than the Speedy 25???
  6. uh oh i think i want the cabas plage GM, or the manhattan GM

    they are around the same price.
    here we go again.

  7. Thank you!!! What a doll :o)

  8. I wish it was! lol but I think it was a misprint..
  9. :nuts: :nuts: 30-$620
    25-$595. Speedy 30 is more expensive.
  10. ^^ shes talkin bout CAD= 30 - 645 25-670, but they said it was a mistake
  11. Yeah, sorry, I should've specified I was looking at the CAD prices.

    Edit: Ooo one more thing. I didn't know that the Damier has a Pochette Accesoires? I thought it would be SO and that the closest thing to the Pochette was called Navona?
  12. Same prices as the mono and damier I see.
  13. The "Couv Agenda PM" (bottom right of the info sheet) - that would be a small agenda, right? ooooh I hope it is! Then I am DEF getting that!
  14. I absolutely can't wait for this line to come out!!!
  15. ooh- me likey the keepall 50! And hooray for same prices!