Does anyone know the ebay seller rip mutha?

  1. They have a nice, black first on ebay, and the current high bidder is the one that screwed me on my ebay auction. Is it against the rules for me to email the seller?
  2. It is against the rules, but I'm sure the seller wouldn't report you. She'd probably be really grateful for the heads up!:yes:
  3. Wow, really?! How did they screw you? :amazed:
  4. They won the auction and then never paid. I gave her several chances to back out, but she kept insisting she would pay and still wanted the bag. Meanwhile, they bid on and won a sky blue first and are the highest bidder on a black 2002 first. She said she could not pay either of these either, but has paid for the sky blue.

    This is my first crappy experience on ebay and I'm a bit fired up. Sorry.
  5. Wow, that's really lousy! You have every right to be fired up. The seller might not mind knowing that story. Was that the pretty red Twiggy? I believe i was in on that auction too :cool: ;)

  6. I would file a NPB with ebay... and give her a negative to warn other sellers. I can't stand time wasters.
  7. Is that you? What a small world! I wish to goodness you would have won! It was the red Twiggy! I'm glad you found the forum, are you having fun so far?
  8. I did the NPB, but it won't allow me to give feedback. I'm not sure what to do (other than avoiding ebay). I sent the bidder an email calling her out, but there is really not much to do about it, is there? Ebay certainly doesn't give a crap. Live and learn, I guess. (And then you avoid ebay!)
  9. i am pretty certain the high bidder is a member of this board. i remember them speaking up that they won on a particular auction. anyone remember? it might be that girl that has all the names and keeps getting banned.
  10. You could "ask the seller a question" and then tell her your tale and at least warn her on what could happen.
  11. I did not know you can't leave a feedback once you file NPB. That sucks.:hrmm: Don't avoid ebay just because of this one loser. I always state on all my auctions.. "no zero or less than 10 feedback" unless they contact me first and if they bid without contacting me.. I normally cancel their bid.
    Btw.. who is this bidder? so I can block her from my lists.
  12. I'm a seller on Ebay and have been for 9 years and if I was the seller I would definitely want to hear from you regarding this bidder. Use the "Ask seller a question" and you will probably get a big thank you.

  13. I can't believe it! Is this the person who has been bidding against me on the flat brass classique? terrible!
  14. I emailed the seller and told her what happened. The bidder is *bid*2*win* , just in case any of you have any auctions going now. She did pay for the sky blue first, though. If I have a chance to leave feedback, I certainly will, but for now I think warning others makes me feel better!

    I didn't know you could cancel someones bid...I guess I will not make that mistake again, thank you so much for that tip! You know, there are some decent tools on ebay for buyers to protect themselves, but if you don't know they are there you can really lose out! Thanks for the support, ladies!
  15. That black 2002? If so, yes that is the one. I'm sorry, I didn't put 2 and 2 together on that and warn you! I emailed the seller, so maybe she will block her...