Does anyone know the "Drill"??

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  1. This is the bag I just saw in the Chanel Boutique in Paris. It's metallic and comes in gold, gun metal, purple - 1850 Euro - Am I the only one who has seen it?
  2. nope, it was released earlier thsi season, the toronto boutiques really stocked up on them as's a great value for an updated version of the classic flap, i almost bought it myself.
  3. you'll see more posts about it if you do a search.
  4. There are still some floating in certain shops but I'm seeing less and less of them now. Which one are you looking for? The flap or the tote?
  5. I've seen 2 at the local boutique. I love it and was so close to buying it but then noticed they only had the ones with mixed hardware... I dont know if they come in individual color hardware...

    It's a nice bag anyway...
  6. It's a rectangular flap - I am not looking for it, I am looking for the extra money to buy it! I think it is a stunner - I like the gunmetal color with the mixed hardware closure. Bal Harbour has it for $2900. - That would hit a new high for me (my classic jumbo flap is my most costly bag right now).
  7. I just got this bag in the accordian flap large size in dark silver. I have just started using it and I love it. It is so cute and it seems to go with everything.
  8. I've posted a bunch of photos of the Drill in other threads. I had the blue accordian flap for is a "different" look for Chanel.
  9. there's like 4 or 5 pieces in my local Saks, green n/s, silver flaps. etc