Does anyone know the Dior warranty on bags?

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  1. I would call the store, but their not opened yet and I'm dying to know the warranty on Dior bags. I purchased a Dior Romantique last summer. I don't really use it much, probably about 10 or so times and I always put the stuffing and dustbag back on after I'm done using it. Yesterday when I took it out after a long winter in the box. I noticed there was some slight cracking in the coated leather. I'm just wondering if anyone else had the same problems and what did you guys do about it?
  2. hasn't happened to the really old version of the romantique i have, but as far as i know, the warranty is good for a year. although you can always just bring it into dior to get it fixed regardless. :yes: i don't think the charge for fixing it would be high (if any at all)
  3. I had a problem with mine. I used my Romantique just once and put it back in the dustbag and box. Somehow the suede handles thats intwined with the metal stained (?) the suede leaving grey marks. Im not impressed considering i used it just the once or twice (and I was extra careful with it too).
  4. Me too Dimple! I was very careful with my Romantique as I simply adored that bag! When the store finally opened I called and asked the SA about the warranty. They told me the warranty covers only for 6 months and that they would repair the cracks with a fee. I also asked her about one of the new romantique bag (this grey drawstring one). I asked her if she knew the price on the bag. She told me I should go in and take a look and bring my bag. When I told her it was raining and I couldn't make it in that day but was dying to know the bag. She simply replied in a very annoyed voice " O my God HOLD ON" and came back saying "you know what we don't even have any of those". How rude ... so I replied "Are you deaf, I asked for the price!" ....anyways I'm never buying another dior bag!
  5. I am sorry to hear about your bag
  6. yes, you can repair your handbag to the Dior shop. I did it once when my strap's handles was broken. :biggrin:
  7. US Dior SAs have bad attitude. :cursing:
  8. omg the stink i would kick up if i got a treatment like that ! letter to the management would be a start ! :cursing:
  9. not all of them:sad: Orlando has some of the nicest.
  10. ITA. I used to detest SAs since a lot of them just push you to buy and my young-looking asian face didnt help in getting better service.

    However once I found Tomoko, she's my SA for keeps!!

    Just look around, there's definitely real nice SAs!
  11. Thats terrible service Poosdarling. Did you get a hold of the SA's name? Maybe you can make a complaint to her manager.
  12. Nope I didn't get her name =(
    But I did find that at Chanel stores the SAs are all very nice!
  13. I have the same issue with my Dior romantique bag. I know that this is an old thread, but I am wondering if all of them were defective? I notice
    that on eBay most of the romantique line bags have some sort of peeling or cracking issues. Mine is in the strap area. I have used it only a handful of times. It has always been in a dust bag in my closet when not in use. If you also have this issue, please post it here and list any resolution if you have it. Thanks!
  14. It's best to bring your bag to your local boutique. They may take pictures of it and send them to the repair centre to see if it can be fixed.

    The Trotter Romantique has delicate leather (I believe it's either nappa or lambskin) straps and piping on some models, and I believe it's the one you have. Delicate leather is an odd choice for the piping of a coated canvas bag (which is normally very durable). Some of the used ones on Ebay look terrible with the leather having worn completely off the piping in a lot of cases.
  15. I was told by several Dior SAs that Dior will fix the bag (to their best of the abilities eg :can't make deflated puffs, re-inflate on a LD) if you have the original receipt in which you can go into any store within the country. If it's a seasonal piece it could be difficult. But best for you to bring the item into the nearest DIOR store with your receipt of purchase and they can assess from there. Good luck.