Does anyone know the dimensions of the new Spring 08 slim style?

  1. I love it and want it in one or two new spring colors, but I'm hoping its not going to be too small.
  2. slim style?! i wish i knew what you were talking about - any pics???
  3. Is it from the moto line? Got pics? :nuts:
  4. Ooooo is it like the one from Sex and the City the one where Carrie had to attend for Jury Duty?
  5. Sky Blue?


    here's a pic from a post from Cracker
  6. mmm mayne erica 'hg bags' will know!!!! Im interested if it comes in RH....
  7. Looks pretty cute!
  8. Only GH, unfortunately.
  9. that's a city style
  10. I'm really excited about this one too!
  11. looks really cute!!!