does anyone know the designer & the city

  1. i fell in love with the luggage sjp used on one of the shows...the pink and white trunks...does anyone have a clue?:confused1:
  2. This is just a really WILD, WILD guess, but Roberto Cavalli often uses these kind of prints on the clothes he designs... that's the first thing I thought of when seeing this luggage, but I have no clue if he ever did any luggage... :Push:
  3. it's vivienne westwood
  4. thank you Michelle1025 vbmenu_register("postmenu_1210080", true); ...i went to the site but they only mention wardrobe...which is great because now i can look up other item i love... =]

    seahorseinstripes...are u sure it's vivian westwood?
    im looking her up but lugagge isn'y coming up
  5. actually i'm not really sure. but i think i saw this pattern on westwood's bag few years back... :P
  6. That's such fun luggage!! I love the LV, too!
  7. Yap, it's definetely Vivienne Westwood... If u see the episode with atention u can see Westwood's logo near the top of the bags ;)