Does anyone know the color of this Marc Jacobs bag?

  1. Hi, I am a new member. I saw a picture of this great looking Marc Jacobs bag in the Karolina style on Ebay. Does anyone know the color of this bag and where I can find one?? I'm not sure if it's the ferrari red color due to the color of the stitching. This looks like navy colored stitching?? Thanks much!
  2. I love that color! If I remember correctly, the color in your pic is strawberry.
  3. Check out Authenticate This MJ on this Ferrari Red Blake. =)
  4. Maybe I´m color blind:lol: I thought it was the strawberry color but I guess it´s ferrari red.

    This color is strawberry Accessories Lounge=
  5. Ferrari red looks like it has red stitching but this color purse has navy stitching because it looks darker than the color of the purse? Does anyone know where I can get this same exact bag? Thanks so much for everybody's responses!
  6. I definitely think it's Ferrari red, since it has the navy blue stitching.

    I don't think the bag is available in stores now, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. I know you can find it on eBay. As a matter of fact, there is a Seventeen Magazine auction right now, benefitting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation where that exact bag is being auctioned off. It was owned by Jaime Lynn Spears (a few other celebrities have donated their bags for the cause).
  7. I've seen one at a Saks Off Fifth Avenue a few weeks back.. I don't know if it's still around, but you could try calling. It was in the Camarillo outlets. I think. Other locations may still have it too.
  8. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try calling them. I just got back from Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth on my lunch break. :yes: Rack had nothing, but I did find the Karolina in Petunia at Off Fifth. It was about $492 or so. This bag was pretty big though. Does this bag come in 2 sizes? I want the smaller one. I can't decide if I should get the oatmeal color or the ferrari red. Any suggestions?
  9. Selena has a Ferrari Red Multipocket. You might ask her.
  10. There are several sizes to Karolina.
    Color wise, it depends on what you are looking for. Ferrari Red is a stunning color -- turns any style into a statement bag. Check out List Your MJ Bags thread, Selena's Ferrari Red Multipocket will totally grab your attention.

    For Karolina (with strings), I probably prefer a simpler color. Oatmeal (great neutral color, more low key) gets my vote.
  11. Yes, the large at Off fifth was about $500. I like that size. The smaller sized Karolina was about $400 and there were a lot of colors. I didn't see Oatmeal or the Blue at Camarillo, only the pinks and the red. I saw a blue one at the Anaheim location.
  12. Thank you for everyone's help! I called the Camarillo store but they didn't have any Karolinas left...:sad: I also stopped by 2 Off Fifth stores and 2 Nordstrom Racks here and only saw the large Petunia and the small blue. But...I just purchased the small Ferrari Red from tln!! :yes: So this will be my first MJ bag!!! I'm already on to my second one...the Blake! I will post another thread on that. Thank you everybody!
  13. ^^Sounds like you'll fit in perfectly around here.
  14. The Karolina is actually a style from last summer (2005 Spring/Summer). The red, blue and pink were only sold (new) during that season and the red was one of the first to sell out (I don't think it was carried by many retailers and may have been produced in a ltd supply). The brown (Nutmeg??) and Oatmeal were carried over into F/W 2005 and are no longer being produced.

    There are two sizes. I have the large one and it is pretty big. Some people also think it's a little too heavy. I personally luv big bags, so it's one of my favs. The small size is about the equivilent of the sophia (in size/amount it will hold)