Does anyone know the color of these kellys?

  1. They're from the Fall 2006 RTW collections... I know, I know.. ostrich, togo and kellys... I'm literally all over the place.:p

    But aren't they beauties?:girlsigh:

    TIA. Btw, can a Kelly expert please tell me what shape the togo version is... Thanks!
    Winter Kelly - Ostrich.jpg Winter Kelly - Togo.jpg
  2. I don´t know much about colours but those are indeed gorgeous!
  3. The non-exotic one... could that be Havanne chevre de coromandel?
  4. ^ Ya think? Why am I thinking Raisin? Hmm.. probably my crappy pc monitor.

    Are you sure it's CDC, though?

    ugh... why did they have to discontinue ruthenium hardware! look at how pretty it is. argh!
  5. Lol, I think it's hard to tell with different computers. Mine is showing that it is definitely a dark chocolate colour, no purple at all. So, I figure it's either havanne or maybe ebene, depending on the lighting.

    Pretty sure on the CDC bit. See the "spine" running down the centre? My LOVE!!! Come to me!!! ....... in a Birkin, that is....:roflmfao:
  6. The second one I think is Marron Cocoan. I've seen it in the stores along with the swatch as well. The ostrich may be gris tortourelle.
  7. ^^ Ooh, interesting, HG! I must check out this Marron Cocoan in the leather book next time I go. Is it a new colour?
  8. ^^^No. But it looks very much like Marron fonce, but Marron fonce I believe isn't a chevre color.
  9. Really? That's what Gris looks like? OMG, how beautiful...

    Now ladies, next question: can someone please confirm the shape of the second bag? I know the ostrich is rigid but how about the CDC? My apologies for the picture - that's all that I can gleam from
  10. ^^^Retourne.
  11. Ahh, I see. Thanks, HG!

    HL, the CDC Kelly is retourne (used to be called souple) ie. inside stitching. Is that what you mean?
  12. Heard from reputable source that Marron Fonce and Cocoan in chevre are essentially the same color.
  13. Funny you mention that. I could have sworn they were almost the same, but went by the swatch book.