Does anyone know the color name of my blue day bag?

  1. Hi all,
    I have a gorgeous blue day bag purchased in 2005. Tag reads 2005 3 140442 D941T 288 SAC. I believe it from the summer season (is that what the 3 means?) but I am not sure what the official name of the color is. I'd like to sell on e-bay but would like to list the official color name. If anyone knows, please let me know. I was unable to upload file because it is too big and I have no idea how to make it smaller. Unfortunately I will never be able to send you pix of my beautiful bags.:sad:
  2. macp6-girl, if you e-mail me your photo i can re-size it for you :yes: ...i'll PM you my e-mail address & we'll give it a whirl...i'm just learning photoshop & that's the 1st thing i learned!!!
  3. it's from fall 2005 -- is it dark or light? it could be navy or ice blue?
  4. Thanks so much aaallabama! You're such a doll! BTW, my 3 year old loves the picture of your dog. when I am on PF, she always asks me to find one of your posts so that she can look at the picture of your pup!
  5. Hi Mimi--it is a dark blue. Not so dark as the ink, but not as light as the recent light blue that was out.
  6. did you buy it off ebay? if so, maybe you can provide a link to the auction so we can see the pics!
  7. sounds like navy then! :smile:
  8. here you go girls & i must say it looks an alot like my blueberry :smile:

    p.s. i'm thinking that it's probably indigo, oui???
    blue_bbag rev2.jpg
  9. Erm....where's the picture?

    Oops - I see it now. Yea, it looks like indigo to me too - very pretty. :love:
  10. I think it is navy because I think navy looks like cornflower and this looks like cornflower but I have no idea really.
  11. awe, that's so cute about your daughter loving my puppy :love:
  12. Hmmm - based on the numbers you gave (and 'the Bible' ;)), its from Fall 05. That would make it navy, not indigo, which was pre-spring 05.
  13. Given the tag, I would have said Navy, but it looks like it could also be Cornflower. The only truly accurate way to distinguish between them is by zipper and thread colors: Navy has a slate blue-grey zipper and matching, slightly lighter thread - Cornflower has a lighter, more sky blue zipper and slightly darker thread.

    I can't really judge your zipper well from the pic, so you're going to have to try to do it.:smile:
  14. wow, you must be right style101, about it being navy then...the color swatch for navy looks so much darker than this bag!!!...but as we all know now, the swatches are really off in my opinion :rolleyes:
  15. aaallabama: I was thinking this earlier when you posted your new Blueberry - if the Blueberry looks close to anything, it's Navy and Cornflower (though slightly brighter) - it really doesn't look anything like Indigo to me though - Indigo has a slight purple undertone that these don't have - not a strong one, but it's there.