Does anyone know the brand of Asia Argento's purse?

  1. I saw it in an Asia Argento movie the other night and HAD to have it! The movie is 12 years old (I know..) but I can't figure out the brand or find it on a Google search. The movie is Scarlet Diva (again, I :graucho: but her wardrobe in this is cool. Please help if you can ID this purse brand. Thanks! :cool:
    Asia A. and leopard bag.png
  2. Could it be Dolce & Gabbana? Just a thought because she's Italian. Anyone, Bueller, anyone?
  3. It's surely D&G!
  4. I think that everything Asia Argento does is cool. I love her.
  5. That bag is super cute!
  6. I know, right! She's so hot and talented. I wish I looked like her. She can really act and direct. That extends to her style too. I just love her blasé European attitude and confidence. That's a huge part of appeal, IMO. You can be a great looking woman, but if there's nothing unique and solid to back it up, then you're just dull. American actreses bore me.

    Also, I must have that bag!!!!:biggrin:

    (madly searching D&G websites for 'vintage' stuff)