Does anyone know the accepted payment method?

  1. Hi there everyone! Nice to be a member of this forum if I may say, it rocks! Anyway, I'm planning to travel to europe next month and am planning to shop! lol, of course! but since I don't like to use credit card overseas (due to the currency charges-interest and all that from the card issuer etc), most of the time I carry cash for any transaction I make... Now here's the big question, does anyone know whether Chanel shops accepts wire transfer?? because on this trip I'm planning not to carry that much cash due to security reasons.. can anyone help me? I mean it's ok for me to pick out the items I want on one day, put them on lay-by or sumthin then after they received the transfer, then I can pick-up the items.. Guys, would u enlight men on this..? Thanks heaps fellas.
  2. They do. But international wire transfer will take at least 3-5 business days to show up on their account.
  3. How about travelers' cheques?
  4. traveller's cheque is definitely an option. wire transfer really take that long? I suppose I have to meet them in person & say my intended payment method then if they accept wire transfer, 3-5 business days after, I can pick up the items? (I mean, if it's possible I don't mind to reach them by phone first in advance then get acquainted with the person in charge, so when I got there they can handle my transaction more conveniently)... it's just me I know...hihihihi. thanks for the replies guys, cheers.
  5. They do accept cash transfers from your bank account anyway. i am have bought bags from boutiques all over europe and I have paid via bank transfers ; they are usually happy to reserve the bag for you until the payment shows up on their account.

    Also if you have a debit card with a large limit you can use it in their stores.
  6. I have used my debit card(with a large limit).....They DONT charge the fees for converting currency
  7. On my last trip to Paris which was primarily a shopping trip, I left my husband at home LOL, and took credit cards. I also took traveler's checks for any purchases he didn't need to know about right away. Anyway, the first time I tried to use them was in Dior, and they didn't want them! I had to walk about 2 blocks away to the currency change place, and cash them in myself! They were American Express travelers checks, not a weird brand. So, I ended up having to carry a big sum of money anyway, although it was only for a couple of blocks.