Does anyone know the accepted payment method?

  1. Hi there everyone! Nice to be a member of this forum if I may say, it rocks! Anyway, I'm planning to travel to europe next month and am planning to shop! lol, of course! but since I don't like to use credit card overseas (due to the currency charges-interest and all that from the card issuer etc), most of the time I carry cash for any transaction I make... Now here's the big question, does anyone know whether Balenciaga shops accepts wire transfer?? because on this trip I'm planning not to carry that much cash due to security reasons.. can anyone help me? I mean it's ok for me to pick out the items I want on one day, put them on lay-by or sumthin then after they received the transfer, then I can pick-up the items.. Guys, would u enlight men on this..? Thanks heaps fellas.
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    I always used a credit card for international travel! Have you considered carrying travelers cheques, like from American Express, or similar? You could use them instead of cash and pay directly but also be safe without a lot of cash, which I never like to do. Good luck and have fun!!!! (Maybe someone else will have a better answer for you.)
  3. hi there blue hour girl, nice to meet u.. firstly thanks for replying to my post. I see, that's a thought & I definitely will consider it. But, if the amount of the traveler's cheque I use for the payment is bigger than the amount purchased, do they like give me some sort of change in cash? pardon me for being so unfamiliar with this..hehehe. or do I need to cash in to the bank first then make the purchase? again, thanks for the info. cheers.
  4. ^^From all the countries I've used traveler's cheques, they've always given me the local currency back for change. I find it the best to use CC cards though.

  5. :smile:Hey there! Yes, with the traveler's cheques they will give you change in local currency, not a problem if you can use it for other needs on your trip! Plus, you can carry an assortment of denominations, like $100, $50, $500, $10, etc so you can combine to get as close to the total as possible. Still, I find it safer and easier to use CC! But if you prefer comparing the option of traveler's cheques to a wire transfer, I'd def. suggest the cheques! I don't know for sure, but I would imagine that dealing with wires for a bag purchase while being out of your home country could be pretty complicated, maybe impossible. Have FUN and post your Balenciaga purchases here for us to see, OK? :tup:
  6. Uh, it sounds weird, but State Farm Insurance has a great no fee Visa that has a currency exchange fee of only 1%. Most credit cards are 3%.

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    you meant wire transfer from a US bank account? but you'll have to set up an account with a US bank, yes? how about getting bank draft and then banking it with a local bank? can this work?
  8. A lot of banks charge you pretty substantial fees for wire transfers, so I don't think that's going to save you any money. You get a MUCH better exchange rate on your credit card that you ever could for cash. Visa/MC trade literally billions of dollars of currency a day, so they get a great rate. Your issuing bank probably charges a little mark-up, but it's still way less than you'd pay in commissions getting money changed! Travelers' checks are getting harder and harder to cash, since there's a lot of fraud on them.
  9. hmm... now I'm overwhelmed with! bcoz some of my friends also ask me to buy 'this bag and that purse', so my baggage will definitely exceeds the limit with lots of bags in it! lol . thanks fellas for sharing the infos, u rocks!
  10. ^^Becareful with those purchases as you might be slapped with customs. They might think you'll be selling them once back to your country.