does anyone know price and availability of blush patent flap

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  1. I decided I really love the blush patent medium flap if anyone sees one please lety me know and also doesa anyone know the current price
  2. I got mine two months ago and it had already sold out in the boutiques. I bought on eBay from personalshoppers. I paid $2250 incl. shipping if memory serves. I think it retailed for $1950 or $2050 but i figured she paid sales tax and eBay fees too...might be ytough to find but don't give up. I did try the chanel 1-800 number and they told me the boutiques were sold out hence the eBay route for me! good luck
  3. oh, I'll pm you the style number from the sales tag in the morning, time for bed now!
  4. I do believe personal shopper has another blush listed on ebay. It's a fairly new listing. Good luck hunting!!!
  5. I was on the hunt recently for one. I called lots of stores, called the 800 #. No luck. Personalshoppers has had a few listed on ebay. It doesn't matter how much I want a bag, I won't pay over retail on ebay. It makes me mad that some sellers buy up stock in stores and then resell on ebay over retail. :cursing:
  6. ITA I hate that some people are able to get all the most wanted TDF bags and make a profit. I actually got lucky and found an auction in the UK that had the patent blush for only $1950! So i scooped it up, it should be here this weekend. The TPF verified its I can't wait!:yes:
  7. Wow that is way more than trishaluvslv paid. I guess if you really want the bag you will pay top dollar. Good luck in your search.
  8. I bought mine in Vegas this Spring for $1795, that was the retail for the medium, before the price increase. I think it was a NM exclusive and only came in medium.....? It is a very beautiful bag and just kinda pink, not over the top! I love mine....
  9. I think the medium was $1795 before the price increase, then it went up to $2150 before tax.
  10. shmoo88, wow, she really has it marked up. i think the one I bought she had lsited for $2450 and I offered her less and we finally settled on $2250. make her a lower but reasonable offer, I am certain she would consider it. tell her you know what the retail cost was but you relly want it. i felt that I had to at least cover sales tax and her ebay she didn;t make much on mine, and i would ahve had to pay sales tax had I bought it retail anyway!
  11. Yes, don't forget taxes and ebay fees. I have read on here that fees can get as high as 9%!!!! And add the taxes to that, that she won't make much profits selling it at $2250.

    I hear this is a NM exclusive, so we couldn't have gotten it tax free. Something else to consider.

    I don't know the seller personally so I'm not defending her, but I always find it interesting to see posters on here complaining about items going over the retail price, but seem to forget about taxes. I live in California, and the tax kills! When I list on Ebay, I'd lose $ with the taxes and fees. That's why I keep putting off listing. LOL.

    Good luck locating your blush patent Schmoo!
  12. You're right. Especially since it's got a pen mark on the front of the flap.
    I wonder if it's the same that kuriso has returned:
  13. actually don't have to pay sales tax. If you ask NM, Nordies or if you buy from Bergdorf generally they dont' have to charge you sales tax. they just ship the item as a "gift" and viola! no sales tax. I don't pay sales tax form Sax, NM or the Chanel botiques and I live iN California.