does anyone know of any ski packages???

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  1. my bf and i want to go on a ski trip in february or beginning of march(not sure if it will be too warm:shrugs:), but im in charge of making all of the plans.....if he only knew that i have no anyways, we wanted to try to find an all inclusive package that includes roundtrip airfare, hotel stay, and a ski package as well. the cost doesnt really matter, it can be 5 star or 3 star.....i hope i dont regret saying 3 star. lol.

    i was looking into the st regis aspen through travelocity, which would be my first choice, but i dont think that i can get the ski package with the hotel and airfare and vice versa...if i book through the st regis itself, i dont think i will be able to get the airfare included in the package. im open to any suggestions. location doesnt really matter either, just as long as its in the US.

    :heart: me
  2. If your on the East Coast Stratton is a great place! Its owned by Intrawest that also owns Whistler- Its one of the best places I have ever been. I liked it better than Lake Louise, banff, and every place on the East Coast. They have had tons of snow this year too. The prices for lodging are amazing too. You could get 5 start there about 100$ a night including lift tickets during the week. If your a snowboarder- they have some of the best parks I have ever seen because they hold the U.S. Open there.
  3. I second Banff, great skiing, great hotels check out the Fairmount Hotel