does anyone know of any online juicy sales?

  1. i really want a few new pairs of velour pants (drawstring or pocket) but refuse to pay $100+ for what are essentially sweatpants. :smile: anyone know of any sales going on? i checked Shopbop already, no dice. TIA!
  2. Had to erase my post...went back and saw that you said online....sorry...I was recommending a chain store!!
  3. bloomies has some on sale. :biggrin:
  4. Saks has some too, but not on sale. yet:yes:
  5. thanks all! bloomies is the only kind that are right, but still not on sale enough. (i only buy them if they're less than 40 dollars including shipping) *sigh* thanks for looking though. :smile:
  6. Sorry, it's not online but my Nordstroms Rack has A LOT of Juicy on sale. If you have one in your area, maybe check it out?
  7. Try

    I've bought from them before. Shipping took a bit of time, but I couldn't complain since I got a free shipping. Whenever they have a sale, they sell out very fast :sad:
  8. have you tried Shopbop? i get tons of juicy from them and their sales are pretty good. recently i've gotten velour hoodies/track jackets for 26.90 and cashmere for 66.