Does anyone know of an online archive of Chanel designs?

  1. Have been looking at all your pics of your Chanel beauties and wondered if there's any such thing as an online archive of Chanel designs (couture, accessories), whether by the company or by your dear selves! Have tried Googling but am just not that web-literate! Would love especially to see some of the vintage designs (should have kept my old Vogues!). Any ideas?
    Yours, TheDuchess :flowers:
  2. i would like to know too
  3. I don't know of any website that lists all styles, but has some of the popular bags and such.
  4. Good tip doublec31! It's a beautiful site though quite subjective. Lovely to aspire to though - thanks! :flowers:
    Essential, I've discovered that has an archive of the runway shows (all the major designers!) with some detailed shots of accessories and so forth - really good! Take a look -
    Enjoy! Will let you know if I come across anything else. x :biggrin: