Does anyone know of an authorized Chanel retailer in Philadelphia?

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  1. I recently inherited 2 classic double-flap Chanel handbags from my aunt, black and beige. I'm keeping the black one, but would like to sell the beige one -- it's a bit too small for daytime, at least for me, and I don't like beige for night. I have no reason to believe it isn't real (she traveled to Paris fairly often) but I'd like to be sure before I post it for sale. Unfortunately, neither the Neiman's nor the Saks here carry Chanel and the closest Bergdorf's is in NYC.

    Also, any ideas on a reserve price? It really looks brand new to me, and had the hologram card in the pocket. No box, of course, but I have the dustbag.

    As always, thanks for your help.
  2. the Neimans in king of prussia has a chanel boutique in it so you could probably ask them.
  3. Great -- thank you! :biggrin:
  4. City line ave is closer to Phila...Saks Fifth Ave on city line avenue
  5. ^yep..Both of those carry Chanel..Post a pic in auth this
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