Does anyone know of a rescue service in Florida?

  1. Hi everyone,

    My inlaws recently lost their dog and we would like to get them another. They had a miniature poodle and she passed away very suddenly. Needless to say they are very upset and in the "we're not getting another dog soon" mood. But I think they would be better off if they did get another dog sooner rather than later. They are both 70 but very, very active. So taking care of another dog is no problem for them.

    They live near Sarasota, Florida. I think they would prefer a smaller dog that didn't shed so a poodle or other type dog would be great.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. You could go to It allows you to search by state/zip code & by the dog breed you are looking for. Most shelters post their animals on there. Good luck! That's so nice of you~

    BTW, I'm getting ready to move to Sarasota too ;)
  3. Thank you so much!! Sarasota is a pretty hopping coastal town. It has changed alot the last 20 years. They are actually on one of the keys just south of Sarasota - beautiful. But they are one of the last original "hold outs" on their island not to tear down and build a monstrosity.
  4. Get out! Do they live on Casey Key? We are building a house on Casey! Pretty big but not one of those "monster houses" Good grief, you could lost for days in some of them!:p Funny, small world:upsidedown:
  5. OMG - Yes they live on Casey Key!! They are on Case Cove Drive near the south end of the key but before the bridge.

    So - does Oprah have a house there or not? It has been rumored for years that she does.

    My favorite house on the Key is the "Sand Castle" - I think it is around the 1800 #s. They have been there so long I can remember when that house was one of the first to be torn down and redone.

    PM me where you are??
  6. ^PM'ed you;)
  7. (singing) "It's a small world after all"...I live in Sarasota, right around The Landings, Albertsons, Phillippi Shores School area. There is a rescue called "Little Angels Rescue" out of Arcadia. They feature small breed dogs which are definitely difficult to find at the Humane Society. Their dogs are usually at Petsmart in The Landings shopping center on Saturday mornings. There are usually dogs from Animal Control on Sundays, they are mostly larger type dogs but still are looking for a forever home. You are correct in saying that Sarasota has changed alot in the last 20 years. It was a lovely quaint place to grow up as I started 1st grade here in 1961. It's now heavily populated with urban sprawl and a downtown of 18 story buildings. It's a booming town. Casey Key is a uniquely gorgeous spot and you are quite fortunate to live there.
  8. is a national bichon frise rescue
  9. Great info & how cool! I know where you are at to :biggrin:
  10. How about that? There is another rescue group called Canine Castaways that also feature smaller breed dogs. Enjoy your search for your new canine friend.