Does anyone know of a nice red bag?

  1. Hi Guys
    After my experience with eBay i have decided to get something retail to avoid the stress of worrying if an item is authentic or not

    I am looking for a red bag, similar colour to the Jimmy choo mahala bag. Its not light red, but i deeper mohogony red. Probably medium to large as im a tall person and smaller handbags tend to dissapear on me.

  2. Thanks, i had a look at the ones i like are all unavailable. Because that thread is a few months old, all the bags are gone. :crybaby:
  3. I don't know if you like patent leather, but I think the Goldenbleu Parker Tote below is lovely (it costs 762 dollars on Shopbop).

  4. This bag is STUNNING!! :nuts:
  5. How about a bag from the new Lulu Guiness Couture collection, the Hillary!!

    This bag is available at

    I have it and get stopped because it is so striking. It's holds everything, only downfall is the suede interior (i tend to be a little messy on the inside)

    although, it's not quite the deep red you are looking for as the goldenblue parker

    good luck
    951-279-600-W_main1.jpg 951-279-600-W_main2.jpg
  6. You could always give in to the urge to splurge and go for the burgundy biker leather JC Ramona with the watersnake trim...I have fear of color but otherwise would have bought it myself. TDF!!!!!