does anyone know much about tiffany ilsa paretti silver?

  1. i was at an antique store today and saw the larger open heart necklace. the guy said it was and he hadn't seen any paretti in years...which was fishy because tiffany's still sells it. maybe he's just not up on it. :smile:

    anyway. the font on tiffany and co was antique-y looking script instead of blocky. the porpotions of the heart looked right but the chain was obviously wrong (which isn't so important because i have thought about changing my chain too...its so thin). anyone know when they introduced the paretti line? i was under the impression it was only a couple years ago. and how about the font? have they ever changed the tiffany font? i'm thinking all this is fishy, but i don't know that much about older tiffany pieces either and if it's real, i'd like to go back and get it. thanks! :smile:
  2. are you comparing the script on the pendant to the font on the return to tiffany's necklace you have in your avatar?.....because they don't use the black font on the peretti charms, it's more of a slanting script from what i remember (my necklace is not on me at the moment).......

    also i think the peretti collection has been around from quite some time....and the heart is one of the older designs so it's probably been around a lot longer than the newer necklace designs.....
  3. i was comparing the font on the back of my small heart that i bought two years ago at tiffany&co in portland or. it's sitting right in front of me and the tiffany and co is blocky the ilsa paretti is a signature and the 925 spain is all upper case in a serifed font different than the blocky font but also not italics or script-y. the older one at the antique store was all the same font and was the type of slanting script that is typical of engraving i've seen on older silver jewlery.

    heh. i just re read that and i realize how confusing it was. :smile: i wish i had a good camera but i don't. :smile: i'll try googling again too. thanks for your help jc! always full of fab info. :smile:
  4. ohhh i see what you mean......i checked my bracelet from about 5 years ago and the font is still the doesn't seem like something they'd change but i'm definitely no tiffany expert :shame:
  5. yeah, the more googling i do the more i think i'm right to pass on it. if its too good to be true, it usually is. :smile: