Does anyone know much about CHANEL JACKETS? R there Fake ones?

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  1. I recently purchased a Chanel jacket on eBay. The seller was very reputable with a high FB rating and has sold several other fine designer items, including many other Chanel jackets.

    I used to own a couple of Chanel jackets, but when I was laid off a few years ago, I took them all to the resale shop (:sad:). Now that I've been working steadily again, I've been keeping my eyes open, trying to replace the ones I used to own (I miss one terribly & wish I had never gotten rid of it!!)

    So I found this one on eBay a little while ago and noticed that it wasn't priced too high. The seller listed it a couple of times and the last time I made an offer which was accepted. I just received the jacket today, and while it's gorgeous, I noticed a few things about it that bother me.

    For one, the stitching on one of the front pockets looks very crooked. The top of the pocket is cut very unevenly and at one end it's got this extra piece of material that kinda sticks up. The Chanel label inside of the jacket looks a little lopsided too. And finally, my other jackets were made up of many "panels" that you could actually see through the lining. I remember reading someone that this is one of the best things about a Chanel jacket and which makes it so easy to alter. This jacket doesn't look like it's made up of several panels.

    I understand that one of the reasons this particular jacket was not very expensive is because it's not lined with silk (that's the other thing - it says the lining is 100% wool, but it's more of a thin, mesh-like material & doesn't really feel like wool). It also only has two buttons which aren't really fancy (I know sometimes Chanel uses very decorative buttons). It does have the weighted chain around the hemline, however.

    I've never seen a fake Chanel jacket like this. I've seen the fake windbreakers/silk jackets (I actually bought one myself a loonnggg time ago thinking it was real - what did I know!). Does anyone know if fake Chanel jackets exist? Does anyone out there no much about Chanel jackets at all?

    Again, this seller appears to be very reputable, and I don't really think she'd purposely sell a fake - is it possible that I just got a rather sloppy jacket, and not one of Chanel's better ones??
  2. I'm pretty sure that there are fake ones, but I couldn't tell you more. Sorry.
  3. I have seen a lot of different fake Chanel items on eBay, but they usually use more show-y Chanel signatures, such as large double c's on buttons, linings, etc. Of course, usually isn't never. There could be (and certainly are, for other designers and items) people who go to great lengths to produce very convincing knock-offs. The best way to find out is to take it to the Chanel boutique.
  4. I think it might be authentic - I found another one listed among the closed auctions on ebay that was made of the same material from the same season. It was a longer style (mine is more of a cropped style), but the lining and outer shell were the same as mine, and the seller indicated that it was from the 99 season (which is the same as mine). I also noticed that the Chanel tag inside the jacket looked the same (as well as a few other Chanel jacket listings).

    I guess I'm just surprised to find sloppy stitching on the pocket like that on an authentic Chanel. Chanel jackets are known for being so well made (items that can be handed down and if taken care of properly, can last forever), that it made me wonder. I guess that even Chanel can get sloppy at times!!!

    p.s. among the closed listings I found one of my older jackets (my favorite one!) that I took the resale shop - the exact same jacket in my size!! How could I have missed that auction!! I'm so sad - I luved that jacket so much, and have always regretted selling it!! At the time though, we were really strapped for cash, and my Chanel jackets brought in some much needed money!!
  5. can you post a photo?

    some of the older jackets have different labels..i think they were black with white letters and don't the new ones have white with black? a good way is to look on the back of the buttons, the real ones have chanel written on the backs. is it possible it was altered and the tailor did the sloppy stitching?

    there are very few fake chanel jackets floating around....if it was less than a few hundred then i would be suspicious. i could help you more if you posted a picture, thanks.
  6. I just bought this Chanel jacket on Ebay and now I'm kind of worried that it could be a fake. The seller claims she bought it 11 years ago (so, the 90's) for about 2000 Euros. I didn't think they made fake jackets so I went for it. Could someone please ease my mind about this? :sweatdrop:

  7. ^If you have questions about authenticity, the ladies in the Authenticate This sub-section of the Chanel forum are great! :flowers: You will need to take close up pictures of the tag, etc. and post it there. :smile:

    iluvmybags - Aww, I hope your jacket is authentic! :heart: I would take pictures of the label, etc. and post it in the Chanel forum (in the Authenticate This thread). You can definitely find gorgeous pieces from past seasons below retail... but yes, there are fakes. My one and only RTW jacket was purchased from ebay for a great price... and it's 100% authentic. :smile:
  8. Well of course it is possible, fakes can be made of anything. Usually it's more handbags, logo jewelry, sunglasses, and logo T-shirts/sweats, stuff that says "Chanel" or whatever on it b/c that's the type of stuff the people who seek it out are looking for. They want the name or logo out there for all to see.

    For these types of jackets you are talking about, there are probably more inspired ones out there being sold as other brands than actual fakes that say Chanel on the label but aren't. But, it's still easy enough to simply sew a Chanel label in any jacket and try to pass it off. I've seen lots of fake clothing (being sold as fake) that has the designer's label in it, they just replace the off-brand T-shirt's label and iron on a logo to the front of it. I think unless you actually buy it from a retail store you don't really know what you are getting, so you just have to decide if you're willing to take a gamble.
  9. There are fakes of EVERYTHING. Please authenticate your items here before buying on ebay! Hope it all works out for you.
  10. ^ yep!
  11. I agree--it you have doubts check with the Chanel forum people. I suspect there are fake Chanel jackets, although I have never knowingly run across one. But, all of the Chanel jackets I've ever owned have been wonderful, although some of the skirts I've had from Chanel have been a tad sloppy, especially from the "identification" line.

    Since that one you posted has buttons, have you looked under the buttons to see if they are stamped "chanel"?
  12. I agree- check in the authenticity forum. I hope it is real. But I'm am positive that there are fake Chanel everything. Chanel is so popular that there are tons of replicas.
  13. Thanks everyone! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The seller and I have been in contact and she assures me that it's real and if it isn't, she said she'll refund my money. Meanwhile, I feel like I should be writing a page or two of lines of "I promise to authenticate EVERYTHING of tPF before buying!" :shame:
  14. Do you have a close up picture of the tag inside of it?
  15. I don't know much about fake Chanel jackets, but there really are fake EVERYTHING. There are sellers who sell fake BCBG, and that's something I would never think. I've stopped looking at ebay for "big" names (and by big..I mean names that many people wouldn't even know like rebecca taylor, nanette lepore, catherine malandrino, bcbg that are so often faked). The dumbest things you wouldn't think would get copied unfortunately do. I'm sure there's a good chance yours is real, but I would have it authenticated here to know for sure. That way if not, and it's a reputable seller, s/he will hopefully refund your money. Good luck!
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