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  1. for filing a complaint with coach. So the saga continues. I bought a bag, was told by a SA to buy the cleaner and moisturizer. Found a pin sized spot on my bag and used the cleaner on it on regular leather which took the color off in one spot that was already on the bag when I got it so that it is white now where it was a light blue. This is a new bag, bought last spring but only moisturized and put stuff in it around the house. I never wanted to use it in the rain so never had a chance to use it during the summer the outlet would take it back but would only give me about $50 dollars less than what I paid which was the lowest selling price so I decided to keep the bag. They won't take back the cleaner because it was used to ruin my bag (oh the irony) So I bought a bag, used their product on it on the advice of one of their employees which ruined my bag and they can't do anything for me. I usually keep all of my receipts and have receipts for everything I every bought except for this one bag. IT Sounds a bit unfair to me that nothing can be done. Does anyone know how I can go about talking to someone to get some compensation or advice. They won't send it in for a repair because the manager said it would be a waste of my shipping money because there is "nothing to fix" Does anyone have any advice or someone I can call or write a letter or email to, thanks sorry spelled Channel wrong
  2. In your other thread about this issue I asked if you could post the style number and/or name of the bag. The reason I am asking is because the cleaner and moisturizer shouldn't be used on some of the leathers.
  3. Thank you Mokoni, sorry, I didn't have access to it at the time. I have it in the trunk of my husbands car waiting to take back to the store. I was told by the outlet SA that the cleaner was only to be used on white leather. This was never told to me and because it was an outlet bag, it didn't have a care card. So I guess the cleaner was not to be used on the bag, even though it was suggested by a SA in the full price store to buy the cleaner and the moisturizer for this bag. No offense to any sales associates but I am constantly encountering people who work for Coach who do not know how to care for their own products and often don't know much about their own product lines, names, what things are made of etc. I know that there are many exceptions to this but I encounter this all of the time and it is really surprising. Now I have to pay for the bad advice given to me by a SA. Thanks for your help : )
  4. Sorry to hear about all the problems you are having..My advice would be to write a letter to corporate and to the store manager.

    In the future, before making purchases I'd suggest that you read the coach care site to find out which products to use on which bags. Especialy now that care cards and stuff aren't coming in bags anymore.

    Also, don't let any SA talk you into buying any cleaner/moisturizer for any bag if you haven't looked into caring for it because there are many SAs who don't know as much as we think they should...
  5. What?!? Cleaner and moisturizer can be used on colors other than white! Geesh, you're being given bad information all over the place, aren't you? I am so sorry that you are being improperly informed.

    Take a look at this, it's Coach's product care page that tells you everything you need to know about caring for your bags:

    Coach Product Care

    And, when you get a chance, post the style number of your bag if you can. We might be able to help you more if we have it. If, according the chart, you can use the cleaner and moisturizer you should definitely do something about this situation.
  6. Thanks so much ! When I bought my legacy Ali I was told by the SA to use moisturizer on it and I said to her, "I thought you weren't supposed to do anything to legacy leather" and she said "oh" and looked at the care card inside. At the outlet in Kittery when I went to complain and see what they could do about my bag the manager told me they sell the cleaner for white leather bags only and if she was the one that sold it to me that she would have told me herself. Honestly I think Coach should be held responsible and be more accomodating with this issue. Thanks for your help
  7. Thank you, do you know where I can find that address and contact person or should I write it in letter form or in email ?
  8. I got this address from Coach's website. I am not sure if anyone else has a different/better one:

    COACH Consumer Service
    One Coach Way
    Jacksonville, FL 32218
  9. Thank you ! :smile:
  10. MrsMC,

    I would do both, but I'd definitely send it in via snail mail if anything. I definitely think its important that you express your concern to the top levels at coach as well as the boutique itself. I'm on my phone, so I can't pull up the address for you but I'm sure its on a 'contact us' type page on the website.

    I love coach more for its leather than anything so I can understand how troubling this is for you.

    As mokoni said, cleaner/moisturizer can be used on all colors., its the specific type of leather that is the issue. I have an 06 whiskey Ali that I used moisturizer on but found out later I wasn't supposed to do...luckily nothing happened. My black leather carly I moisturized as soon as I got home, but the cleaner turned a spot on my camel ergo wallet white....I expected it as I had an ink stain, and the white was much more easy to stomach than the huge blue ink stain.

    ...all that was said to show you the range of colors that the product can be used on. Bookmark the link mokoni sent so you can always have care info close-by!
  11. Thank you. It seems as though many of us have had some maintenance issue with our bags ! Everyone has been so helpful and I think a real letter would be more effective as well !
  12. I hope this is not too late!

    My suggestion is you go to the outlet with the bag and ask to see the manager. I would explain the situation one more time and ask her or him what can they do for you. If its still nothing I would whip out the cell phone and call customer service.

    They should train their SA better because if they don't know they should ASK a manager instead of guessing.
  13. ouch white legacy leather! the same thing happened to me.. write a letter the email is somewhere on the coach website