Does anyone know's return policy?

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  1. If I buy a bag from can i return it to my local store to get a refund even if my store doesn't carry that bag? Or does it have to be shipped back? Anybody know, have done that?
  2. You can return it to your local store, thats no problem, but they might not return your shipping fees.
  3. Thanks! I emailed them a couple of times and their generic responses never answered the question directly.
  4. Oh, make sure its within the time frame also, I think they have a 3month time frame on returns.
  5. if you charged it on your card supposedly you have 180 days to return it. I'm not sure about shipping price though like swtest2lips said
  6. They're offering Free Shipping right now on all purchases over $125. So as long as you buy something over that price & return it, you wouldn't have to worry about the shipping cost!
  7. I work at a Macys' store and I know we accept returns all the time from, even if its merchandise we don't carry (like tokidoki, I wish we had that at my location!) so don't worry you can definitely return it, just keep the invoice and tags and everything they send with the item you purchase so macys' is sure to credit you the correct amount you paid.

    And yes the return policy is 180 days with proof of purchase. I don't think they refund shipping but like tokidokicouture said right now its free shipping on with 125 dollar purchase.
  8. I tried to return a lip gloss I bought from at the prescriptives counter at a regular macys and they wouldn't take it. I had to spend $9 to ship it back to them to get my $18 credit. I kept the gloss and really like it now! So, if you are buying cosmetics, be sure to ask both the store and the website about the return policy.