Does anyone know if...........

  1. i woz jst wonderin if the monogram perforation pochette is still
    available to by in the LV shop

    by da way i live in london?
  2. it's still on eluxury so i'm pretty sure it should be in the boutique. you should call before hand though just in case.
  3. Yes, Perforated Pochettes should still be available.
  4. Call the 866 number to find the store in your area. Good luck.
  5. Whoops, saw that you were not in the US. I think they have it online, no?
  6. Nothing Perfo is left in the UK, my SA said that there were a couple of accessories around in stores which are the perfo plate, but that was just after Christmas so I would say no, If you do find anything you are lucky. But there are no bags and pochettes. :flowers:
  7. it seems as though there was a re-release or soemthing as only recently I have seen an influx of them both in the boutique and on elux

    happy hunting
  8. hmmm. try eluxury, or call a boutique...
  9. They still have it
  10. I would call your store.
  11. Ask your store, that would be the best bet to see if your store has it.