Does anyone know if you can use Saks EGC gift cards on Vuitton?

  1. Can you use Saks EGC gift cards on Vuitton? I know Saks Vuitton department is leased out so it does not apply for the 10% off when you open a Saks card and I dont think you can get the Saks EGC from purchasing Vuitton but what about purchasing Vuitton with the EGC card??
  2. no you can't use it on vuitton.
  3. I just got a new Sak's card last weekend and they said NO GO on the 10% off at the Louis Vuitton inside the store. :nogood:
  4. You could always buy something at Saks with your gift card, return it and get a cash refund to use at LV? I'm not sure if that's possible but it's worth trying :smile:
  5. ^^ I think if you return it, don't they just credit back to the gift card??

    Oh darn you Saks! :p