does anyone know if violet comes with GGH?

  1. hi,
    does any one know or own a violet giant city with GGH? did they even make it? thanks for your thoughts :tup:
  2. The violet does come in GGH. I think I've only seen one tPFer post one. So far I think the BalNY store is the only one carrying it but I could be wrong. The places where I've purchased my violet bags (NM and Aloha Rag) aren't carrying the violet bags in GH though. So far it's been predominantly SH.
  3. Yes, the violet came in GGH.
  4. I saw one at BALNY on display last week! Very eye-catching indeed!
  5. It does, but I personally think it looks better with the SH, JMO tho.
  6. Yes, they do at least I have seen picture of Work with GGH combo. Daphne sent the picture, so here you go.