Does Anyone Know If Tod's Run True To Size?

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  1. I seem to remember that they run a little large, but I haven't had a pair in a while. Anyone have any now?
  2. All of mine are true to size..However I do remember one year the boots ran half a size small
  3. I have found they run small and NARROW on me.
  4. Thanks.
  5. I wore three different sizes in the 3 styles I tried on! THAT was frustrating but the shoes are lovely.
  6. I agree with Greentea you have to try them on. I love Tods but their shoes run all over the place for me and I have about 10 pairs.
  7. Hmm...all of my Tod's flats (pointy-toed) have been a half size larger. I would recommend trying them on since everyone seems to have very different experiences with them.
  8. TTS for me
  9. Wow! All of mine but one pr. are l/2 size smaller....I guess there's no sense to their sizing!
  10. I Have Both TTS & 1/2 Size Smaller...Actually One Pair Is A 1/2 Size Bigger.....I Definitely Try Tod's On!
  11. Try them on, I have leather ones in 39 and I could have gotten a size bigger and suede ones in 39.5 which I could have gone smaller. You can never tell...
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