Does anyone know if Tiffany ever goes on sale??

  1. Hey ladies, i was just wondering if Tiffany ever goes on sale

    Since u are all experts here, i was hoping if anyone could help me answering this

    TIA :smile:
  2. i doubt it.....................................................?
  3. I've never seen any items at Tiffany on sale ... :crybaby:
  4. I heard it never does.
  5. Nope, it doesn't...your best bet is eBay, just make sure to buy from sellers with good feedback...
  6. No, Tiffany never has sales. I like it; I think it helps to keep the value up.
  7. Tiffany was on sale today at Holt Renfrew in Canada....25% off
    the line ups were so long!
  8. Is Holt Renfrew a department store with little boutiques inside?
    Just curious.......I've seen it mentioned several times.
  9. Yes it is, it is similar to Saks, NM ...the Canadian version, but with a lot less selection. lol
  10. I have never seen it onsale but that would be awesome...

  11. Confused..... Does Tiffany have a boutique counter inside Holt Renfrew? I know that Louis Vuitton has boutiques within a few select department stores, but I didn't think Tiffany did that....

    Why would Tiffany allow a 25% discount? I've never seen anything go on sale at the stand alone Tiffany stores.... Interesting....

    Just looked up Tiffany in Canada:
    Toronto, Canada
    Vancouver, Canada
    Calgary, Canada
    Edmonton, Canada
    Montreal, Canada
    Ottawa, Canada
    Vancouver, Canada
  12. that's what i love about Tiffany actually.....just like LV

    some friends said they've heard of Tiffany on sale...but i doubt it too

    thanks for the confirmation ladies :yes:
  13. Tiffany normally never has sales and I have never seen the freestanding boutiques have a sale.

    HOWEVER, there was the confirmed 25% off yesterday at the Tiffany boutiques inside Holts in Canada. I've never seen this before and am kicking myself for not going since Tiffany has always been excluded. It's been confirmed though that Tiffany for some reason was included. If it makes you feel any better, the Tiffany inside Holts only has a limited selection, mainly silver items. My DH would have killed me if he could have bought my e-ring and wedding band for 25% off I bet!!
  14. Tiffany was 25% off yesterday at Holt Renfrew. My sister bought a necklace and a bracelet and it came up to $300 something, cant rememember which one she bought though. But the line was insane!
  15. Yes they were on sale yesterday. I bought myself the oval tag necklace and bracelet at 25% off. I have another thread on this subforum about them!