Does Anyone Know If This is An Actual Prada Style

  1. Hi Ladies -- I am new to the website and am excited about joining. I am a purse enthusiast and love to learn about new bags as well as build my collection. I apologize if this is a question that typically wouldnt be ok here, but here it goes. A friend of mine who doesnt have the budget shares my bags from time to time. She buys bags from time to time from a website called baghaus which does "designer inspired". i know how we all feel about that, but thats not the topic. she asked me if I had ever seen the authentic version of this prada or recognized it and i dont, but i happen to love the style of it and think its a great bag. anyone know if prada actually does make this bag or one like it? id love to have the real thing! many thanks! if the pic doesnt appear below, here is the link
  2. The only thing this reminds me of is the Gustto Baca.
  3. funny you say that, some of the details also reminded me of that as well. wish i knew for sure. i truly do love the look of this bag and wish i could find the real thing or who truly inspired it! thanks for the feedback!
  4. can anyone else help? any prada experts out there?
  5. You need to post this in the Prada section!:smile:
  6. I have never seen a Prada like that. Prada did make bags with the ruching, but the leather strips with rivets that go across the straps remind me of Gustto. It looks like the love child of a Prada and a Gustto.