Does anyone know if this bag will be on sale?

  1. DOes anyone have any idea of what bags will be going on sale? I know people have hinted that bags from the cruise line will, and I love this bag, but I wonder if I have will have to wait a lot longer than after this sale to get it at a decent price!

  2. Just a total guess but I would say you have a better then 50% chance that bag will be on sale. But I do not have any more info then anyone else.
  3. I agree with beljwl. Also, try to go for the PRESALE.
  4. Do you guys know how much are they marked down by? are they 30% off usually?
  5. I believe it is 30% for canvas and 40% for leather
  6. thats what I ladies I decided to get another wave in the logo with the white trim.....

    The problem is that I am in Canada so PLEASE let me know as soon as the pre-sale starts so I can get the bag. I am hoping to order by phone!

    Do Neimans and Saks start Gucci sale at the same time as
  7. BTW, Mickalia....are you still getting the grace bag?
    I think I am gonna forget about it for now....I just love the wave too much.....and its much more versatile!
  8. DITTO!
  9. There's a good chance
  10. Yup! I really do want the Grace bag, but since I have NO way to order from the UK, I might wait and see if it pops up on any other websites. Plus, I'd really like it for winter more than anything, so I don't mind the wait. I do wish I could get it during this next sale, though.

    It's so funny you're getting the mono Wave with white trim, too! You really must like it! I must admit, I like that one, too, but not sure that I want canvas....we'll see!

    Thanks beljewl~ 30% is a good chunk of change!
  11. mona~ what's the handle drop on your Wave?
  12. I think it will go on sale. The SA in Vegas said she thought it would.
  13. Its 6"inches and fits very nicely under the arm.....

    I love this style of a bag becuase its day or evening and you can fit a lot into it!
  14. Awesome! Thanks!