Does anyone know if this bag is still available somewhere?

  1. Is it still available? Either in this brown color or the maroon. In the Jumbo size. Thanks!!!

  2. I'm pretty confident that bag is not sold-out and should still be available. That photo was taken by Damian @ Saks Bala Cynwyd Chanel (our own DJO here), so I'd recommend giving him a call at the store and ask him to do a search for you in the Saks system. If it's out there somewhere, I'm sure Damian can locate it for you.
  3. ^ Great! Do you know exactly what the bag is called? I always get confused about the Reissue ones and so forth hehe.
  4. I think most people refer to it as the distressed caviar jumbo w/ Mademoiselle lock and tarnished Bijoux chain. Don't know if it has any other names besides that. The style # is A35312 Y04271.....hopefully that helps.
  5. Saks santa barbara has one! in both the jumbo and medium/large sizes! u can call cherry at 8058845257 i just saw it today at the egc/breast cancer awareness event!
  6. ^ Was it the Maroon color? I actually would want the Maroon. Not the brown. Thanks!!!
  7. I believe I glanced at this one just yesterday at Saks in MI. You can call Diane at (248) 643-9000 ext. 5404 and see if they still have it. It was in the maroon color.
  8. This is definitely the maroon color and there is definitely a jumbo at Saks Somerset (MI) - call Diane at the number above!
  9. ^ Okay I just called there. Diane is not working this weekend but I spoke to another SA named Kelly. She said they only have it in the medium size and she checked the computer and said there are none in the Jumbo! Of course I never really truly believe SA's cuz they can be clueless.

    Anyone else see it anywhere? (In the Maroon)