Does anyone know if they still sell these??

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I saw this really cute wallet on eBay and I was wondering if they still sell these in the stores, and if so, for how much? Its soo cute! I looked in the Accessories thread but I couldn't find the price of it, and the post was from a while ago. Thanks in advance!

    54df_1.JPG 56c1_0.JPG
  2. black/white Cambon was discontinued, it'll be very hard to find in those colors. black on black was at my NM last Thursday.
  3. Chanel Canada has A LOT of them in stock right now... and the funny thing is that i'm looking for one with the patent CC's and they're all sold out in Canada but the states has a bunch of them!!
  4. e-mail CHANELboy. He works at Nordstrom Mall of America and has this exact wallet in black with white CC. I bought the black/black patent version from him last week and he mentioned on the phone the black/white was available too.
  5. I REALLY want one of these cause i have the bag and want to have the matchin wallet
  6. WHOO HOO!!!! I finally got the medium cambon wallet in black with the white C's.
  7. Yay!!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. Congratulations, they are so gorgeous!
  9. so excited...been searchin for almost a year now...i got the bag as a bday present last year from my boyfriend. When i went to purchase the matching wallet, they didnt have anymore in stock. I checked back a few weeks later and they told me that it was discontinued...i was so sad...but now, im the happiest person alive...felt like it was a miracle...will post pics when it arrives.
  10. NM San Antonio has a few black with white left
  11. Whats the price on them? How can I email Chanelboy????? I NEED a big wallet!!