Does anyone know if these Louboutins come in other colors?

  1. I really really like them :heart: - but i'm hoping it comes in other colors.

    Does anyone know?

    CLloafers.jpg clrolande.jpg
  2. I think first one comes in tan,but not so sure
  3. I think I have seen the second one, rolande, in patent red and patent white somewhere online. Barneys has the cheetah patent. Last season CL made a version of rolande with wooden heel and calf leather but I think they are probably sold out because of the sale.
  4. the first picture (loafers) I have only seen in chocolate and black at nm. The second (rolandes) I have seen in many colors: nude, hot pink, leopard print, red, ivory, cheetah print and black.
  5. i think the first ones come in silver too
  6. as angelie said.
    netaporter ordered the silver in the first style.
    and the rolandes come in various colours also :smile:
  7. is the rolandes part of the permanent collection?
  8. AFAIK it's not.
  9. AFAIK? what does that mean?
  10. AFAIK = as far as I know
  11. The Rolandes (the shoe in the second pic) are gorgeous on IRL (in real life.)
  12. Angelie, the pic of your dog with the wig is hilarious!!!! lol:roflmfao:
  13. I think I saw the first one in a burgundy colour and the second one (closed heel version? forgot) in a patent red, patent black and patent beige(?) colour. The second style also come in a boot version too I think....