Does anyone know if these Chanel Pumps are still around for sale? (See Pic)

  1. These are the cutest pumps that I am currently loving right now. I went to Saks in Chevy Chase and saw none. Are they still available?:shrugs:

    by the way what do you think of them? cute?

    also, do you think they would look to old on me? i'm only 23:heart:
  2. Those are adorable! I don't think they're too old for you at all. :tup:
  3. ^ i saw them on courteney cox! omg, they are TDF. does anyone also know where to find them?
  4. I have those, and I seen them Saks in Boca Raton yesturday(ask for Sergio, he's the best). There very comfortable. The look lovely and not mature(or old). I will post.
  5. ^ how much did you pay for them, may i ask? do they fit true to size? i'm a size 37 usually but i wear 37.5 for chanel's ballerinas. xoxo

  6. OOO!! those are it, how are they? comfortable as they look?:tup:
  7. I can't tell you an exact number beacause I bought more than one pair of shoes that day, but around 550.00$ And yes i had to go up half a size up. I love them, they look great with jeans:heart::heart:
  8. Yes very comfortable!!!!! let me know if you get them, they don't look 'old'.
  9. what size do you wear for that pair of shoes? psst psst i PMed you for your SA details! xoxo :love:

  10. Those are so cute! Hope you find them...
  11. my NM has them in some different colors right now:yes:
  12. ^ what colors do they come in, swanky? :smile:
  13. I've seen navy blue with white tip, brown with black tip, and silver with black tip.
  14. I too saw them at saks boca recently. very cute!!!
  15. they're so pretty and classy looking! makes me want a pair..