Does anyone know if the Totally Turnlock Faridah will go on sale soon?

  1. I'm going to get the black Totally Turnlock Faridah (it's DECIDED!! :happydance:), but I can't decide on how to buy it. Like if I buy it from Shopbop, I get it with free shipping and no tax, but I don't get to see it in person first. If I buy it from Bloomingdale's, I can see it in person, but it's $438 + 5% tax (I'm in MD).

    What to do, what to do? I can't find it online with a discount code, and I don't have any more Bloomie's "$25 off any purchase of $100 or more" coupons. :crybaby:

    What should I do? Does anyone know if they're going to go on sale after Xmas, or are they too new for that?


    I'm very pragmatic...I'm willing to wait if it means a big savings...we're living on post-doc and artist's salaries over here! :p But I do NOT want to wait so long that she's sold out and I can't find her.

    Advice needed! MJ experts, give it to me straight!

    *Can you tell Jess has had her caffeine this morning?* :roflmfao:

    THANK YOU! :flowers:
  2. I bought the TT Faridah in black about 5 or 6 months ago from Neiman Marcus online (I paid tax, but luckily shipping was free). I kept the tags on and waited. At the time Shopbop didn't have the bag. Then what should happen? Shopbob got the bag and they had a coupon. So what I did was spend over 500 dollars and I got 100 dollars off the total purchase price bringing my bill to 400 dollars---SWEET!!! Then I returned the NM bag.

    My moral of the story, buy it online from Shopbop (saves tax and shipping). Then wait to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere, However, I think Shopbop only has a two week RTN policy.

    Now if you must see it in person then you've got to swallow the extra tax.

    Re whether they are going to go on sale--- I don't know!
  3. mh21 - SHOPBOP SOLD OUT! :wtf: Then Zappos did, too. And Neiman's. And Eluxury. They still have it online at Bloomie's and Nordstrom, but I freaked and went ahead and called the Bloomie's at Chevy Chase and paid for it (she said it was the last one in their current stock) and it's waiting for me to pick up. :ninja: AHHHHHHH! I know I'll kick myself later if they go on sale, but I love it so much that I can't chance not finding it and having it sell out everywhere.

    I'm going to get her on Wednesday!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I'm so excited. I think fellow PFer beauxgoris and my husband are both coming with. And I can also peek at whatever's on sale at Bloomie's!

    SQUEEEEEEEE!!! :happydance:
  4. Congratulations!! I did notice that since I bought the bag I have not seen it on sale anywhere. No point taking the chance to see if it'll go on sale because by the sounds of it there might not be any left to go on sale.
  5. mh21 - ITA. I hate paying retail, but I know I'll kick myself if I miss out on this bag!

  6. I know what you mean. I would love a MJ bag but I can't bring myself to pay full price. I'm looking for the right bag and the right price then I'll get one.
  7. mh - What are you looking for? I can scope out what they've got at Bloomingdale's in Chevy Chase if there's a specific bag you're looking to find on sale.

    I've never been to an after Christmas sale, but I'm braving it this year to pick up my darling Faridah. So I may as well scope it all out! My poor husband...he has no idea what he's in for. :p
  8. Thanks for the offer that's very kind of you!! I'm not looking for anything specific, but when I find it I'll know. I have to make a trip to two outlet malls here and scope out the MJ bags there (not sure when I'll go though. I'm also looking at ebay). Since they cost so much (even after the discount) I need to really think about my next bag.
  9. mh21 - I'm a lot like you in that I can't go the retail route (even with discounts). The only reason I'm able to buy this Faridah at retail is because I just sold my large MP (which I got secondhand) and I'm going to break even. :wlae: I only have one other luxury bag (a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25), and that was purchased waaaay back when they weren't so expensive, and with per diem money from a business trip. :p

    There are so many awesome bags on ebay! Good luck!
  10. Thanks!! I find it so hard to justify paying over $400 for a bag (hence I don't own that many either!!!) I don't have the need to possess everything that a designer has made (waste of money and closet space). I just like to make thoughtful purchases. I'm not an impulsive buyer when it comes to bags.