Does anyone know if the Sharpie N/S tote is still available?

  1. I am pretty sure it was a seasonal bag so I'm just wondering if there are more out there.
  2. I highly doubt those are sold-out or even that hard to find. Try contacting Nordstrom Chanel (Topanga, MofA, Seattle); my SA from Topanga said they had several of the Sharpey N-S tote in stock earlier this past week.

    (BTW there was no mark-down on that from BG....sounded too good to be's still regular price.)
  3. I know, I saw that thread and was like NO WAY!!!! NM still has a lot of N?S sharpie bags, as does Saks:smile:
  4. NM in King of Prussia,PA has it..Ask for Stacey.......
    I got mine at Saks a month ago
  5. Yes - Chanel in Las Vegas Bellagio has it as of last week. It's sitting on the shelf there. Great bag.