Does anyone know if the Saks F&F has been good for CHANEL in the past?

  1. Just wondering if I should wait the 2 weeks or not. Thanks
  2. i think it usually includes Chanel, the ecg is also coming up on the 26th. So if the FF doesnt work for Chanel you could at least get a GC for your purchase.
  3. my Saks SA told me chanel is NOT included for the F&F. but like sjunky said, it is eligible for gift cards during the ecg events.
  4. No Chanel. I've tried.
  5. What is ecg? If I'm planning to purchase Chanel items how would I get the discount?
    Also, does anyone know which Saks in SoCal has a Chanel boutique? TIA! :smile:
  6. EGC is where if you spend x amount of dollars you get a gift card, amount depending on your purchase. If you spend over $2,000 you get $300, over $3,000 you get $450. I don't know the lower amounts.
  7. Thanks aprilvalentine! ;)
  8. I bought my J12 watch last year at Saks in NYC and they gave me the FF 20% off of it..:wondering ...I guess it depends on the SA or maybe the jewerly line is different then the bags when it comes to the ff
  9. That's great! I'm thinking of getting the J12 watch during this FF event as well. Did you just ask the SA to give you the discount and they did? And Saks doesn't charge tax when shipping it out of state? Does anyone know when the FF event is this year?
  10. I should've been more specific. I meant no discount on the handbags. I've gotten the 20% on Chanel shoes, clothes and fragrances.
    The FF event starts May 1st. I think it lasts a couple of days.
  11. how would you get the F&F. I don't have a saks card yet but was thinking of applying for one to buy my J12 watch, and was wondering if that is something that I have to ask for?
  12. also, can anybody recommend an SA that would do orders over the phone and would also give me the F&F discount?
  13. Same here, I'm also planning on purchasing a J12 during F&F. So do we know for sure that watches (as well as clothing & shoes) are INCLUDED? If so, that's one big happy news for me since I didn't know about Chanel's April 1st price hike!
  14. I'm fairly sure my SA would give you the discount over the phone. I don't want to post his name before I check with him, but I'll call him tomorrow. PM me if you want his info.
  15. so whats F&F and what are you guys talking about something about a saks card? LOL!