Does anyone know if the pink neo speedy is available anywhere?

  1. I haven't called 866 yet as I don't know for certain if I want it yet, but does anyone know if the pink neo speedy is any stores?
  2. You should call 866, that is the best way since they can look all over the country for you.
  3. i think they are all gone. but every once in a while I have seen one pop up on eluxury. 866 has never been really helpful when I am searching for item. But if you have time just call around to different stores. I have found items this way when 866 to me what I was looking for is sold out. good luck I have this bag and love it.
  4. oh you can also try eBay. they pop up every so often.
  5. Thanks!
  6. this is true!!!
  7. I was in my store in Denver Cherry Creek mall the week before the price increase and they did have this in stock. Wouldn't hurt to give them a call to check. Good luck!
  8. The LV store at the Wynn in Vegas had one a week ago.
  9. Thanks!