Does anyone know if the lux ligne flap bag will come in new colors/leather this fall?

  1. I never paid too much attention to the lux ligne but lately I have been thinking about the lux ligne flap bag, seems pretty roomy and functionable. Problem is I am waiting for my red caviar med. flap and I cannot afford two bags concurrently. I think I love the look of the 06 metallic black goatskin flap bag, wonder if the stores will order more in the future? Or, if other new colors/leather will come in the upcoming fall collection? I know right now there's one in crackled patent leather, but I am not too interested in patent leather in this ligne. Any thoughts? Or news you heard of from your SAs regarding the lux ligne future?

    Also, did the price of the lux ligne go up like the other classic lignes?
  2. I am waiting for the same information. I'd love to see the luxe ligne return in different colors and leathers, especially the deerskin from fall. I'd like to add a luxe tote to my collection someday.

    The price did increase - the bowler is now around $2400, maybe closer to $2500, up from $2160... not sure of the flap.
  3. oh wow....Damn that price increase!!

    I :heart: deerskin too! guess I won't be able to find out until the trunk show...
  4. YAY can't wait till new bowlers ^^
  5. I want a bowler!!!
  6. hi just wana ask wats that chanel bag on d pics of ur wishlist
  7. Didn't the price increase apply to JUST the new patent bowlers and flaps?? I believe the leather bowlers and flaps are still at original price (2160$ and 2225$ respectively)... confirm?
  8. which one are you asking about>?
  9. As far as I know, the regular leather cruise bowlers were at the $2160 price for the medium size. The price increased for the patent this spring, and I believe I recall my s/a stating the price will increase again in fall for all the regular leather styles. But that could be heresay since it hasn't even been confirmed what Chanel is doing for the Luxury line come fall.
  10. I am hoping I can get a lux flap bag b4 the price increase then....or at least the lux flap is still around for me to buy b4 fall....