Does anyone know if the Les Triples is still available??

  1. I'm quite new to Hermes and have just discoved the 'Les Triples' pocket square from fellow PF'ers.. the only thing is, it's no longer on Is it still available in stores?? I found a few on Ebay, but it's being sold for $400!! I don't really have time to run to the Hermes store, and theres only one in NY, the one on Madison, and that super shopping district!! I'm so worried that I won't be able to find one! Is it still current, or has it been discontinued? Can anyone help me?? :sad:
  2. Kookielf......give a call to the Hermes store on Madison and see if they have one. I seem to remember that it's still in circulation......
  3. It came out in the spring, so a few may be available. You can also try Bergdorf Goodman.
  4. It's still available around my neck of the woods!
  5. I think it's still available at NYC & also in Beverly Hills, CA store.
  6. *sigh* I didn't know that Hermes doesn't open on Sundays. I guess I'll try calling tomorrow? Oh, I hope they have a pink one.. and the yellow.. and the blue.. I love them all!! :sweatdrop:

    I wonder if they do charge-sends...

    Thank you everyone for responding!! :love:
  7. Try Neiman Marcus too! The NM in SF has a lot of the older designs. They are carried in the mens dept and in ladies scarves. I can't remeber if I saw this one there but I am pretty sure SF Hermes still had one. :flowers:
  8. I recently got the full scarf version of 'Les Triples' in lavander at the H sale in BH. It is really beautiful and one of the 3 kids in the design reminded me of the cartoon character Dennis the Menance. When I visited the H store at SCP 2 weeks ago, they had them in the pocket square version in multiple colors. Give them a call and ask for either Marian, Diana, or Lawrence. I thought the color saturation on the full scarf version looked softer than in the pocket square.
  9. hello,

    the scarf "les triplés" still available in Paris at 24 fbg st honoré.
    "Les triplés" are famous french characters published in Madame Figaro. very cute. And the triplés 's mum carry a kelly. :smile:
  10. Has anyone tracked down a Les Triples pochette in California? I would love to have one- I think they're adorable.
  11. Aargh, I just got mine full price in pink--it was sent to BH from another store. :Push: Lavender would have been lovely!

    TV, give either SCP or BH a call and they can track one down and do a charge-send to you.
  12. Excellent!!
  13. I actually wound up getting the blue at the Hermes store in NYC, and ordering the white (with a light blue center) and the pink one to be shipped to the store from Hawaii! I haven't gotten a change to post pics yet because my gf helped me pick them up, but I'll definately post pics once I get it!! If you go to the NYC Hermes store, Andrew is VERY nice!
  14. Glad to hear you found the pochettes! Congrats! I adore Les Triples!
  15. Orchids, the lavender version looks so dreamy. It reminds me of nice day with clear blue skies. I like it because it goes well with gold vache liagee or natural chamonix. :yes: