Does anyone know if the Legacy line is here to stay?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone had any info regarding the Legacy line,i f this is a line they are going to continue?

    Most of the Legacy stuff is sold out and when I spoke to a Coach SA she said they were not going to be restocking the sold out items.:sad:

    It is truly one of my fav Coach lines that they have come out with. I hope they continue to put out more Legacy accesorries and hopefully some new bags!
  2. I think I read on here that Coach was moving the Legacy stuff to special Legacy stores..if that's true, then it sure sounds like they are keeping it (I hope so!) Maybe they are going to be releasing new stuff instead of replacing the older styles?
  3. My SA told me that there is a new Legacy line that will be coming out this fall... :graucho:

    Also, it's my understanding that the current Legacy bags are here to stay in the "Legacy" stores and online only. There aren't many Legacy stores, though.
  4. Legacy is here to stay! It will be similar to Soho/hamptons but will not be kept in stores year round, but it will come out once or twice a year!
  5. :woohoo: woo-hoo!!
  6. That's great!! I want a leather or signature legacy satchel (can't decide which yet) and at $648 -$698 I need alittle time to save up for it!!!!
  7. Sprinkles - your words are music to my ears! YAY!!!


    ~ Legacy Collection Addict
  8. thats great news to hear. eventually i will just open up a savings account named "legacy" so i can get the bag i want lol... it's gonna TAKE that much saving, but *wipes brow* nice to know!

    ty ty for all the info ppls.
  9. No way! OMG! I am so exited! I have the Ali in Black and Shoulder bag in Pond (and Mandy in Whiskey should be here anyday now)! And yet now I feel like I need a white or maybe a brown . . . . now I am glad I have more time!!!
  10. I want a khaki/white shoulder bag. I hope they come out again!
  11. My SA said that they are going to open Coach Legacy Stores which will be a premium coach line.
  12. They are def. opening a coach legacy store in the soho area within a few blocks of the coach store that is in soho now on west broadway

    i think the legacy store is going to be on Mercer?

    something like that but def. in that area

    i only know about that in NYC so far but if there is going to be im sure there will be a few in major cities! :smile:
  13. Those should be interesting! Can't wait to see them. Neither can my husband. LOL He just loves the legacy lining and wants to know if/when Coach will be making mens wallets with that legacy lining. :p He'd buy it in a heartbeat!