Does anyone know if the Damier Azur...

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  1. Speedy 30 has been discontinued? It was out of stock on the Eluxury page and is now not even listed anymore. I really wanted to get one!
  2. YOu know i have seen only 25 on elux. But call 1800 to see if any store has them. they cannot be sold out.. Good Luck.
  3. highly sought after bag!
    They will pop up everynow and again on elux.. they seem to go as fast as they arrive.
  4. Azur Speedy has been very popular for a new permanent line. Call 1866-Vuitton to locate one for you.
  5. It's definitely not discontinued - it's just super in-demand. It pops up on Elux periodically, usually around midnight PST.
  6. The Azur is part of the permanent line. Good luck on your search! It is a lovely bag...I love mine!
  7. no it's not discontinued or anything. just last week i went to a LV store and they had the Damier Azur Speedy 30... my mom was going to purchase it 'til she saw the Monogram Speedy 35 (which is bigger and so to her it was better).
  8. nah it is a permanent line :yahoo:
  9. it's a regular line you may be able to locate one via phone if you leave in the US
  10. just that its sold out, but it will show up if u keep searching