Does anyone know if that gorgeous gold wristlet is still available?

  1. A few months ago I saw this gorgeous wristlet on which I loved so much... I was thinking to buy it today, but could no longer find it on :push:

    It was some light colour with gold faint Cs all over it... i also think it had a gold turn style lock... Does anyone know the style number or know if its still available?

    thanks :yes:
  2. i think you are thinking of the madison lurex zoe clutch.

    check the outlets and eBay, and try calling JAX to see if they have it in stock somewhere.
  3. i saw it at coach madison avenue and 57th street in new york
  4. There was a new version of the clutch as well, but I am not seeing it on the website.

    I have this one and it is definitely more of a clutch than a wristlet.

  5. This one?

    Style #10332
    Zoe Lurex Clutch

    I think it retailed for $198?
  6. Yeah, I'll bet that's the one.

    I never use clutches or wristlets and I kind of want a zoe. *L* What's wrong with me? *don't answer that*
  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you very much girls!!! It is the ZOE LUREX CLUTCH!!!

    Its not on any longer, but i called Coach and they said that they have 3 more available in the warehouse!!! SO I BOUGHT ONE!!! :yahoo:

    And also bought the Oblong Ergo signature scarf in Turquoise!!! :yes:

    IM SOOOOO EXCITED! That clutch is just gorgeous with an evening gown as well as just some nice top and jeans ;) and... I have a wedding to go to soon :rolleyes:

    Oh, I was also thinking to sell my Legacy Signature Wristlet I bought a few months ago but never used... I already had a threat on that wristlet, but basically, the C's dont match on the wristlet and it looks like a fake... also, its kinda way too small to fit all my goodies when i go out...

    so I just cant bring myself to use it.... :push: i think ill sell it ... do u think it a good idea?