Does anyone know if Saks carries the brown GST w/silver h/w?

  1. It just doesn't make sense not to take advantage of the upcoming EGC event and get it there rather than from NM or a Chanel boutique.
  2. Me too!
    I would love to pick one up then too. The s/a I talked to at Rodeo was not helpful at all. I'll try to find one a little more cooperative.
  3. You can try to call Damian at Saks, Bala Cynwd - 610-667-1550. He's very helpful.
  4. Try Saks in NYC. They are expecting a shipment anyday and have a bordeaux with silver hardware in the back. I called this afternoon to make my plan for double discount (my friend works there so why not).
  5. Ditto re Damian-he will do his best to find ur brown bag(if Saks carries it) and make sure u get ur EGC!
  6. I just tried calling him and he's off today - I'll try tomorrow and let you know what he says about the brown gst :smile:
  7. I just saw the brown GST at Saks Bala Cynwyd on Saturday. You can try calling Donna and seeing if she can grab it for you (same number was above).
  8. Hey Chaka,

    How would that work for the EGC thing?
    Thank you :smile:
  9. I just got one at Saks in Phoenix, AZ, but i have decided not to keep it. it is very dark brown and I already have the black GST wtih silver. And my DH just got be a brown prada gauffre bag in NYC this week as a gift. So if you want the one i am returning call Saks Phoenix Chanel and ask for Maddy. i will probably return it tomorrow afternoon! She can hold it till the egc event too, she does that for me but don't tell her i told you so! good luck
  10. Trish, thanks for that info! I was toying with the idea of getting the brown GST but like you, already the black/silver. Knowing they are very close in color is a load off my mind! How sweet of your DH to buy you the gauffre!

    I've decided on the brown Cerf tote after seeing your pics!
  11. YEP...I have used DONNA many times too..she is very nice as well(1-610-667-1550 EXT 258)
  12. The brown is that dark?? hhhmm
  13. I just saw Damian today! He has a brown GST-also white and black(I put the burgundy away for EGC event!):yes:
  14. yep, if you are in a room without direct snulight, it is hard to tell them apart....if I didn't already have black I would keep it but then i would NOT get black. i decided to get the new glazed calfskin modern chain tote in n/s size....but i hope it's not too heavy....i am afraid it might be but i bought it from Lucas at MOA without having ever tried one on. i hope I made the right decision! the GST's aren;t exactly lightweight either
  15. thanks, I am a lucky girl, mu DH is VERY good to me, he likes to get me "just because" gifts, he hates hallmark holiday and loves that I cannot always rememebr our anniversary! Some of my best gifts from him were "just cuz"! He's a keeper! Here are my two guys!:supacool: