does anyone know if manhassat

  1. is open today, sundays? thanks!
  2. I figured it out! That chart on their site is for stores with exceptions to the general shopping center hours, which means H is open today from 12-5.

  3. whooohooo!
  4. OK let me go wake up lazyass and see what's up.
  5. make him come with us.
  6. h,
    check out the store and report please....
  7. I'm not h, but I was at Manhasset today too and can report my impressions if you are interested. They did have a beautiful Gold VL Kelly with PH, as well as several Bolides including a stunning Gold Mou in Clemence. Lots of small leather goods, a decent assortment of scarves including Peonies in blue and in turquoise with yellow (sorry I don't know the official names of the colorways!), and quite a few mousselines and cashmeres for the size of the store.
    I will say that although I found the SAs to be friendly, some might say it was more like overbearing. They were *not* very knowledgeable about their merchandise, that much I will say! They told me the wrong leather type on 4 out of 4 bags I asked about. :nogood:
  8. That was exactly the impression that I got, not overly knowleadgable and somewhat pushy. I was looking at a pochette and my phone rang, after I got off the call the SA goes to me "So, you want it?" when I just told her its wasn't what I had in mind. And they were treating me very nicely because I walked in with a birkin, but casually dressed on a Sunday. I would only go there if I was in the area. It's tough having to ask them for a product, and then have to describe it to them in detail because they just don't know....
  9. they were VERY pushy. C was much nicer than I was about it....
  10. OMG! I think she said that to us too!! Had to be the same woman. That's too funny.
  11. You just get spoiled by Madison Ave, especially when they "speak" the same language. Let's just say if I walked in there with a coach bag, I doubt I would get the time of day, just followed around with arched eyebrows. That being said, if stuck in Manhassat, that's where you'd find every pre-April 15 since my accountant works down the street. I see this as my "yearly" pilgrimage to the Americana.
  12. LOL!! It's like the ugly little stepsister, isn't it.