Does anyone know if LV stores..

  1. ...ship bags at home on request?
    If possible, what type of payment they do?
  2. on demand?
  3. on request:P
    sorry, i translate online:Push:
  4. if you order through the 866 they'll ship out from the nearest store that has what you want
  5. Ohh good!
    but i live in Italy and my nearest store is in Venice, but i cannot go there when i want:sad:
    I'd like to know if here they do a service like yours too..
  6. I suppose they can ship it to your home as long as you give them the CC info. If you purchased from the store before, they can see your CC on file..
  7. Hmm, I heard that 866 doesn't do overseas orders. Maybe someone in Europe can help you figure that one out.
  8. I know in Canada if you call the store and pay for the bag over the phone (you have to fill in the special form with your address and CC #) they will send it to your house.
  9. well, here's what i got from my Catalogue:


    San Marco Calle Larga
    de l'Ascension 1255-1256
    30124 Venezia
    Tel: (39) 41 522 45 00

    the only countries in Europe that have Customer Service like in the U.S. are France, Germany and UK
  10. The store closest to you might be willing to send items to you in the mail.

    I mail order from the LV store here all the time, they do make me fax my ID photo ( even though I've bought off them before and they know me) along with credit card payment back to them. So you may need to provide your store with ID as well.
  11. Thanks girls, i'll call my store this week to ask about this!:idea:
  12. The Vienna Store does ship to smaller cities in Austria, I've asked last year because of a small MC wallet, shipping would have been 5€
  13. Did you join this service?
  14. no I didn't, not because of LV but because I'm broke most of the time :whistle: and now that I'm in Vienna I have a store here anyway
  15. Lucky girl!!!:graucho::lol: