Does anyone know if LV plans on making...

  1. A MC 6 Key Holder.

    I really want to get a MC Key Holder, but I have 7 keys I carry, so a 4 Key Holder will be too small.
  2. I really wish they would! Or a 6 key in the vernis! I have the same issue, the 4 key holder is just not big enough for me!
  3. YES - agree with everything! Why is it that in general they only make the pretties in smaller versions? I'd love any of the gorgeous MC, Koala, or Vernis Agendas to come in MM, and the MC key holder in the 6-key size would be fantastic.

    I have an ongoing battle between getting the MC Noir 4-key and making do by perhaps doubling up a couple of less-used keys on their hooks, or getting the larger and more practical and durable 6-key in Damier. So far the battle is still ongoing with neither side making any progress, and with me still left without a key holder. :push:
  4. I have a feeling one will be made... I'm guessing it might be released sometime next year in the late summer? :shrugs:
  5. I would love if they made one.
  6. Well when the Azur one came out, it just came in 4 and finally down the road (now) it is finally in the 6 key, give it time :smile: I am sure it will come out
  7. I know what you mean! I really wanted a 6-key MC holder, but in the end I settled for the 4-key one in black and downsized some keys. LOL If they do come up with the 6-key --- I'm in trouble because I would want that one too!
  8. I'm visiting the LV store in Brisbane for my second ever visit in 3 weeks and am thinking of making my next purchase there either a Damier Koala Change Purse or a 6-key holder... God I hope if they are going to make one that they've got them out by then! :push: