does anyone know if fuschia will ever be released again?

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  1. i am so late in the balenciaga game and desperately want the bright fuschia/magenta color any hope of it coming back?
  2. closest color right now would probably be Sorbet. They do seem to bring back colors or something similar. you never know.
  3. i agree.. i think sorbet is the closest colour at the moment. but you can still get pre-loved magenta if that's what really want.. i was kinda late in the game too, and saw so many lovely colours from previous years. good luck!
  4. Go for hunting in ebay or other sites. Magenta is a colour popping up quite often. As lovely it is, it is not easiest colour to match with any wardrobe and people get tired of it. That is how I found my amethyst GGH city, amethyst GSH city and pale magenta in same combos.