Does anyone know if French Blue was ever made in a RH Part-time or Courier style?

  1. I've decided that I prefer FB with RH now. I'd love to someday find it in the Courier style or a Part-time with RH but I've never seen them. So, does anyone know if it exists? Otherwise, I may have to hold out for Electrique Blue in '08. Thanks!
  2. You know what, I don't think I've ever seen or heard about those particular styles in French Blue. You sure know how to pick 'em, cracker. ;)

  3. isn't it ridiculous? :yes:
  4. that isn't a website you have listed, it's just a pic of a LV bag:tdown:
  5. Gosh.. you know, those are the two styles I haven't seen it in. Hmmm... maybe you can call BalNY about it? Just to ask if it was or wasn't made? Then you would'nt have to search endlessly. lol
  6. Hi cracker, fiat, nicole & stars...As some of you know, I am still on the hunt for a French Blue Day, Twiggy or anything really...I pondered a lot over crackers' FB toilet case, but I really need a bag...I too may have to hold out for the 08 Electric Blue, but BalNY confirmed with me over an email that the new electric blue is "much more" washed out and less vibrant than the 07 FB. The new electric blue has some of the collection colour Violet in the undertones...FB RH where are you???
  7. KDC, I know NM Troy had 1 French Blue Day back in late July (27-28). Try to give them a call. or NM Fashion Island had 1 French Blue day also around those dates. I was looking for an Aquamarine Day. They thought they still have it available, but when she read me the NM tag, it turned out that's a French Blue color. Sorry, I don't know about the other style though.
  8. Thanks K for the tip off...........I can't believe I've had three FB's this year and I've come full circle.........hunting for the first bag that I bought. :rolleyes:
  9. I ended up purchasing that FB Day, but returned it last week. I already told KDC to call Lisa....